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About the High Proficiency Institute Program:

HSPI is an accelerated program of instruction. This allows students to meet the requirements of a proficiency certificate in a much shorter time than attending four years of public high school. Some states also require an “exit exam” before awarding a high school diploma or for admission to college. Colleges may require other skill tests, such as the SAT or ACT for admission. Some institutions add other conditions, such as an English language proficiency exam, or preparatory work in specific subjects, such as mathematics or science. Students who expect to attend college will have to find out specific prerequisites for the college they will apply to. 

If your program is not for college, why do you offer it?

Students have a variety of goals in mind when they sign up for our program. One is for self-improvement or to assess their own performance in an academic environment. However, the most common reason is to demonstrate to potential employers that the student has the basic knowledge needed for the modern workforce. Employers want to be assured the person they hire has a basic understanding of a wide variety of topics, usually covered in high school. But not every good candidate has completed a high school education and earned a diploma. An HSPI certificate serves to demonstrate proficiency in similar subject matter at the high school level. We do not offer a high school equivalency degree, nor a GED. For this reason, students targeting a particular employer or industry should ask before they enroll to see if our program meets educational requirements for the position or career of interest.

DISCLOSURE: Students should be aware that programs offered by HSPI are certifications of high school level proficiency. They do not replace a high school diploma or G.E.D. offered by accredited institutions. Our certificate is not meant to demonstrate high school completion. It is not offered to meet admissions standards of any institution of higher learning (college, trade school), nor does it meet the requirements of military enlistment. Employers may use it as demonstrating required proficiency, but they may also decline to do so. It is entirely up to individual employers and colleges to determine the value of the proficiency diploma we offer.

We do not guarantee a job based on completion of our program. Students should understand that the acceptability of our certification is entirely up to the organization it is presented to. We cannot and do not warranty the acceptability of our program by others. Students should not rely on this, but will have to contact institutions they intend to present the document to and ask how it will be received by that specific entity. Our curriculum is not reviewed nor accredited by any state or federal body, and we make no representation otherwise.

Is this HSPI proficiency diploma a G.E.D.?

No. A G.E.D. (general education certificate) is a state-recognized certification of educational equivalency that replaces a high school diploma. We are a private organization that is not affiliated with any regional accreditation organization, state or federal agency. We do not offer a G.E.D., either by exam or certification. G.E.D. and similar programs require a physical classroom environment and assessments. Material from HSPI is offered solely and exclusively online and does not meet the same requirements.

Your Satisfaction is Our Goal

Here at the High School Proficiency Institute, our goal is to offer the best, most comprehensive online high school proficiency certification and GED training options. In fact, we provide a 100% Money Back guarantee, in order to ensure that our programs and training are the right match for your educational needs. We are always here to help, and we are always open to receiving both feedback and complaints. Simply email us at to present any questions, concerns or issues that you may have about our GED prep and high school proficiency testing programs.

We Offer an Assortment of Secure Payment Options

Registrations with HSPI can be completed online. All you need is a Visa, Mastercard, American Express or Discover Card, and you can immediately register and begin preparing for your high school proficiency exam or GED exam. HSPI has partnered with Versign Security in order to ensure the secure protection of all customer billing information and personal data.

Proficiency CertificateRegister and Prepare